I have to say that this move was a surprise to me but it was a complete score for the network


How do they get these bizarre ideas? How do they know in advance that they will score with something like this? How on earth do they come up with this kind of stuff and most of all how they convinced the Pornstars to do it? To do what?

Well, there was a porn model pillow fight that was broadcasted live on February 29, I unfortunately was not in front of my computer when all of this occurred, that’s why I went back into the archives and checked out the two hour-long video and before the girls got into an all lesbian orgy, they actually had a pillow fight and I have to say that the pillow fight was extremely hot.

So in the case that you are a number login and check out the video for free, I want to know from all of you actually got to see the live performance and then that will go back and check it out, what you think of this amazing to our show, from what I am reading on the official forum is that people are going absolutely bonkers over one occurred and they definitely want one of those shown again…

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