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So many premium brands started out in the free site affiliate days of adult online entertainment and attempted to make the transition from that side of the business to become successful content programs themselves.

Some made it, others did not, and an even smaller handful have managed to thrive in the tube infested world we live in today, where piracy remains rampant and ingenuity is the key to moving ahead.

One company that has managed to come through the storm unscathed and is clearly continuing its rise to prominence is CherryPimps.

XBIZ World sat down with the CherryPimps team to find out what separates them from the pack and gives them the competitive advantage they continue to grow as the gap between major brands and the rest of the field continues to widen.

“Having begun in TGPs, free sites and blogs we found the power in exclusive content and relationships pushing us to launch CherryPimps in late 2006,” said Jack Avalanche, who owns

“Striving to maintain a boutique approach to our sites and programs has always kept us focused on customer satisfaction. As we’ve grown we’ve calculated every step, because we know how easy it is to find yourself writing more checks than you’re cashing.”

One of the most important aspects of CherryPimps success is its ability to identify talented individuals, add them to its team and keep them happy as long-term contributors. In fact, the company landed two new major hires in 2016, and here is how that happened.

“So, funny story, late last year we thought we’d see who was out there looking, and Nancy Moore’s resume was the first to come through,” Avalanche said. “Honestly as I sat staring at my computer I yelled ‘Fuck you, seriously Fuck you!’ My wife laughed sitting at her desk across from me, asking what happened and I explained, knowing that we really hadn’t planned to hire anyone so quickly — but seeing Nancy’s resume come through and knowing her history, her experience, it was a perfect fit.

“Then in February Kellie let her interest be known, and she also was a perfect addition as well. Our team really began to take shape. In total we now have 18 people full time in roles from production to development.”

Nancy Moore had previously worked for a number of companies in adult, most recently MindGeek, and her decision to work with CherryPimps is one that came down largely to the personality of the team behind the brand.

“For me, the incentive is the sense of belonging,” Moore said. “Jack makes sure we are involved and includes all of us before doing any major changes, which is very unlike working for a bigger company.

“I think the future for CherryPimps is so bright because the team is very solid and pornstars really want to work with us. We sign new exclusive porn stars on a regular basis and we shoot more than we have ever shot before. We release more than 25 scenes every week, and we offer free live cam shows to our members. Tell me who wouldn’t want to peek inside our members’ area?”

Kellie is best known for her work behind the scenes at PacinoCash, and for her joining CherryPimps was like reconnecting with old friends.

“Many years ago I met Jack at Internext and he did some blog work for me,” Kellie recalled. “He was always very professional and highly respected in the industry. I really appreciated his work ethic and admired his knowledge. I knew I wanted to be with a company that I would be proud to call my home — one that has standards that I could fully stand by.

“CherryPimps offers that and so much more,” Kellie said. “We are always looking at innovative ideas to improve ourselves, and have the advantage of being the home of the most popular porn stars of this day. That fact speaks volumes about our present and future success.

“Many companies may be shooting some of hottest pornstars, but only here can we say that we have their exclusive personal sites along with live shows where fans can interact and watch their favorite pornstars have sex on camera. It’s that exclusive interaction that many fans crave and they can get all that here at CherryPimps.”

To get a better feel for the speed and excitement about the CherryPimps brand, one only needs to look closer at their pipeline of upcoming releases.

“We have six new porn stars in development, and the official sites for and are slated to go live next,” Avalance said. “Our primary focus right now is building and developing the brands of our contract stars as consumers have become accustomed to other networks full of official sites that never update and have no model involvement. All of our official porn star sites update regularly and model involvement is guaranteed.”

Finding voids in the marketplace and filling them effectively may be a habit engrained in the CherryPimps DNA from back in the days of Avalanche’s TGP free site past.

A more flexible and immediate approach to trends, rising new stars, new niches gaining traction and new marketing techniques allow CherryPimps to help create the curve rather than just trying to stay ahead of the curve or falling behind it.

“Right now we’re actively looking for partners who want a break from the norm,” Avalanche said. “We haven’t worked to copy anyone, we’re worked to forge our own path and our customers like it. Month after month we see traffic increasing while our conversion ratios stay the same. Giving consumers quality content backed by daily live shows creates a solid foundation and a product that can’t really be pirated.”

The new hires, strong sales results and continued growth of the brand also has CherryPimps very optimistic about the future of the adult industry as a whole.

“I think three years ago the industry had almost stalled, with many searching for answers but only finding despair,” Avalanche said. “Most of those individuals have either left the business or finally got their head on right and are focused again on innovation, product development and customer satisfaction.

“We’re seeing advancements in live, VR and multiple other areas that could dramatically change our business. I think we’re back to what most of us in adult love about working online. I have to say I’m very happy with the current state of the industry as well as where it’s headed.

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