Natasha Starr will be here today getting fucked very hard at 5 PM PST


One thing I have to say is that it would be absolutely foolish of you not to watch today’s show, it is starring Hot Pornstar Natasha Starr and I’m sure that rings a bell. By far one of the most popular pornstars on the Internet today, only if you search her on Google you will see that she has over 1 million links leading either to her Twitter account, to her personal websiteand hundreds of thousands of links that lead also here to our network.

The reason that you will find hundreds of thousands of links that lead right here to is because she is a resident porn model, she is here at least once every other week and she is by far the most popular of them all. Did you know that her last show was watched by roughly 275,000 people worldwide? That is basically double of what the average showis watched. Now that is telling me that she is definitely very good at what she does, basically when it comes down to live pornshe knows exactly what to do and is totally in control of everything.

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So be there or be square they used to say in the 50s, today in 2015 I say this is a show that you can’t possibly mess so be there at 5 PM Pacific, depending on the different time zones that would be 8 PM in the evening on the East Coast all 1 AM over in Great Britain.

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