Who is Pornstar Katie Banks and why is it that she has such an enormous following?


Well I know exactly who Pornstar Katie Banks is and the 250,000 fans that all following her either on our main website or on her social media pages also know exactly who she is and what she does, however there are millions of other Americans and people from all over the world that are clueless and would most likely want to encounter virtually this gorgeous porn model.

pornstar Katie Banks

Born in Dallas 20 years ago, after that she graduated in high school she became a WebCam model, it was then that a very popular Los Angeles producer invited her to California where two years later there for just a few months ago she started participating in an extremely important point videos and that’s where she became famous overnight.

Within the art of six months she had gathered all this popularity and most probably that is why the administrators of our live WebCam network have decided to bring her on and give her the possibility to show what she is made of even when it comes down to having sex live on WebCam, in our featured live porn videos.

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