Would you be interested in joining the adult entertainment business?


Would you be interested that is still in becoming a pornstar? If that is the case, you have to be 18 years of age, you will need to provide a birth certificates and two other forms of picture ID and an aged check will be held in order to verify that your age is accurate and if so you will be taken into consideration to be a part of a Casting Pornstars group that will perform some videos with male pornstars and the best out all the 250 girls that will be selected will then be offered a contract where a lot of sex and money is involved, and therefore this is an open invitation for anyone that loves to fuck, loves to show off and wants to make a career out of Porn.

pornstars casting

As far as I know there are hundreds of girls on the West Coast alone that are absolutely interested in becoming famous porn models and therefore the moment that the website will host a contact form my suggestion to you in the case that you also are interested if you fill out the form, sending the necessary information and photographs and if you look good and you are filthy minded I’m pretty much sure you will be contacted.

How did I know about this? I am extremely well connected in the adult entertainment business and I know everything that is going to happen even before it is live!

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